The Regnum of the Kingdom of Atlantia

Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their information.

Their Royal Majesties

Guillaume Tomas le Lou and Kára Óláfsdóttir
John Sheppard and Nikki Richardson
Email: king AT and queen AT
Web Site: Information about Their Royal Majesties

Their Royal Highnesses

To be determined at TRM Crown Tournament

Great Officers of State
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Kingdom Seneschal (02/17)
Duchess Simone de Barjavel (Sarah Toich)
PO Box 157, Simpsonville, MD 21150
Phone: (410) 290-3961 (10 PM)
seneschal AT
Web Site:

Emergency Deputy (05/16)
Sir Bryce de Byram (Duane Moore)
3825 Beulah Road, Richmond, VA 23237
Phone: (804) 714-1066 (10 PM)
Email: emergseneschal AT

Media Relations Deputy
Contact the Kingdom Seneschal

Kingdom Calendar Deputy (12/12)
Baroness Elisabeth Borden (Amy Dickens)
414 Aberdeen Circle, Summerville, SC 29483
Phone: (843) 860-3620
Email: calendar AT
Web Site:

Regional Deputy - MD and DC (09/12)
Lady Yseulte Trevelyn (Karen Setze)
1629 Riedel Road, Crofton, MD 21114
Phone: (410) 721-4752
Email: depsenmd AT

Regional Deputy - NC (05/16)
Lady Murienne l'aloiere (Nikole Harrington)
2602 Guyer St, High Point, NC 27265
Phone: (336) 848-3742
Email: depsennc AT

Regional Deputy -SC and GA (02/16)
Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill (Beverly R. Curry)
Email: depsenscga AT

Regional Deputy - VA (02/16)
Master Jean Claude de Calais (Jim Cunningham)
894 Clemson Dr, Newport News, VA 23608
Phone: (757) 968-5303
Email: depsenva AT

Clerk of Law (04/12)
Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon
Email: redtape AT
Web Site:

Kingdom Event Bids Coordinator (03/15)
Mistress Collwen ferch Dafydd Caerllion (Caroline)
Phone: 864-483-2551 (10 PM)
Email: denise.gillam AT

Waiver Secretary (02/16)
Mistress Abe Akirakeiko (Ellen Badgley)
6899 Ridge Water Ct, Centreville, VA 20121
Phone: (703) 585-0787
Email: waivers AT

New Branch Deputy
Contact your Regional Seneschal for New Branch information

Chancellor of Family and Youth Programs (02/16)
Lady Aine O Grienan
Email: youth AT
Web Site:

Vice-Chancellor of the Pages Academy (05/15)
Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde
Phone: (301) 520-9595 (9 PM)
Email: deanpages AT
Web Site:

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Triton Principal Herald (01/15)
Barunin Gisela vom Kreuzbach (Kathy Rauhauser-Smith)
Phone: (336) 793-7753
triton AT
Web Site:

Nereid Herald - Emergency Deputy (01/15)
Lady Wynne ferch Rhodri

Golden Dolphin Herald - Submissions (09/14)
Dame Hróðný Rognvaldsdóttir (Terri Morgan)
905 Spring Garden Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: (757) 468-2823
Email: gdherald AT

Clerk of Precedence - OP (06/16)
Lady Ealasaid MacDonald
Email: op AT
Web Site:

Clerk Signet - Scrolls (11/16)
Lady Oliva Isabelle (Ashley Powers)
5200 Vintner Dr Apt 101-2, Richmond, VA 23234
Phone: (434) 238-5409 (10 PM)
Email: signet AT
Web Site:

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Kingdom Earl Marshal (07/13)
Baron Otto von Schwartzkatz (Robert E. Day)
4305 Faigle Rd, Portsmouth, VA 23703
Phone: (757) 673-8913
earlmarshal AT
Web Site:

Emergency Deputy (09/12)
Master Kynneth Pyke
Email: dem-emergency AT

Deputy Earl Marshal for Training (01/16)
Master Gaston du Valmont
Email: dem-training AT

Deputy Earl Marshal for Armored Combat (11/15)
Sir Joscelin d'Outremer
Email: dem-armored AT

Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier (02/13)
Lord Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze (Jim Toscano)
3707 Goodwill Ct, Abingdon, MD 21009
Phone: (410) 207-5546
Email: dem-rapier AT
Web Site:

Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery (05/12)
Lady Lorelei Greenleafe (Lorelei Elkins)
7535 Watkins Ford Road, Kernersville, NC 27284
Phone: (336) 577-3567
Email: dem-target-archery AT
Web Site:

Kingdom Scorekeeper
Lord Gregge the Archer (Greg Christensen)
7520 Oskaloosa Terrace, Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: (301) 840-9763
Email: dem-scorekeeper AT

Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery (09/11)
Lord Gregor Von Leipzig
Email: dem-combat-archery AT

Deputy Earl Marshal for Thrown Weapons (02/15)
Baroness Dealla Cohen
Phone: (410) 519-4493
Email: dem-thrown-weapons AT

Deputy Earl Marshal for Siege Weapons (05/14)
Master Jonathas Reinisch (James Kriebel)
8635 Napping Place, Welcome , MD 20693
Phone: (301) 392-0126
Email: dem-siege AT
Web Site:

Deputy Earl Marshal of the Horse (05/12)
Lady Nem Inghean Dochartaigh (Nancy Feltman)
314 Whitaker Mill Rd, Fallston, MD 21047
Phone: (410) 877-1735
Email: dem-equestrian AT
Web Site:

Deputy Earl Marshal for Hounds
Lord Rychard Muir (Richard Soper)
Phone: (252) 633-9236
Email: dem-hounds AT

Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Armored Combat (09/12)
Lord Pepin de Bourgogne (Joe Vilar)
1733 Juanoak Drive, Richmond, VA 23235
Phone: (804) 612-4205
Email: dem-youth-armored AT
Web Site:

Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Rapier Combat
Baron Flaithrí Ó Cearnaigh (Kelly Bennett)
Phone: (540) 318-0846
Email: dem-youth-rapier AT
Web Site:

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Kingdom Minister of the Lists (04/13)
Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain (Linda G. McLaughlin)
16735 Teagues Point Road, Hughesville, MD 20637
Phone: (301) 274-4171
kmol AT
Web Site:

Emergency Deputy (09/12)
Master James of Middle Aston (James C. Wagner Jr)
106 Rex Place, Louisburg, NC 27549
Phone: (919) 496-7713
Email: middleaston AT

Training Deputy
Lady Cristofana di Lorenzo (Christine D. Helmlinger Stewart)
1501 Lanetown Road, Crozet, VA 22932
Phone: (434) 823-7733 (NLT 9pm)
Email: cometwine AT

Regional Deputy - MD and DC
Baroness Lore Bubeck

Regional Deputy - NC

Regional Deputy - SC and GA
Baroness Tegan de Moreton (Lora Franks)
1925 Bacons Bridge Rd. #166, Summerville, SC 29485
Phone: (843) 822-1761 (NLT 12am)
Email: zombiellama AT

Regional Deputy - VA
Lady Brighid Inghean Ioanin

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Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer (04/15)
Lady Helena of Roxbury Mill (Kathy Gildemeister)
12333 Sherwood Forest Drive, Mt Airy, MD 21771
Phone: 301-865-4645
exchequer AT
Web Site:

Emergency Deputy (10/13)
Lady Gwenhyvar Ywein (Jennifer Christensen)
7520 Oskaloosa Terrace, Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: (301) 840-9763
Email: emergency-exchequer AT

MD Regional (10/13)
Lady Gwenhyvar Ywein (Jennifer Christensen)
7520 Oskaloosa Terrace, Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: (301) 840-9763
Email: depexchmd AT

Eastern NC Regional (06/13)
Lady Helena of Roxbury Mill (Kathy Gildemeister)
Email: depexchenc AT

Western NC Regional (12/14)
Lord Edmund Hawkesworth (Bailey Harris)
136 Romany Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117
Email: depexchwnc AT

Southern Regional (SC,GA) (12/14)
Baron Óláfr Starkaðsson (Anton D. Berg)
PO Box 3885, Augusta, GA 30914
Phone: (706) 951-2454 (NLT 3 pm)
Email: depexchscga AT

VA Regional (05/14)
Signora Pippa Morosini (Melanie Cozad)
976 Holborn Court, Sterling, VA 20164
Phone: (703) 346-7572 (10 PM)
Email: depexchva AT

Deputy for Non-Member Surcharge (10/14)
Lady Elvira Pedrosa (Laura Brookbank)
4041 Jay Em Circle, Ellicott City, MD 21042
Email: nms AT

Chamberlain (09/16)
Lord Llyr (Mark Galbraith)
Phone: (240) 605-4367
Email: chamberlain AT

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Kingdom Chronicler (11/15)
Mistress Mordeyrn Tremayne (Angela Sharpe)
117 Pleasant Ct, Jacksonville, NC 28540
Phone: (910) 548-3510
chronicler AT
Web Site:

Local Chronicler Deputy

Atlantian Historian (04/14)
Master Stefan of Cambion (Stephen Kiefert)
120 Oakdale Chase, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone: (540) 463-4042 (NLT 1130pm)
Email: historian AT
Web Site:

Emergency (Drop Dead) Deputy

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Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (02/16)
Mistress Branwen Madyn Wallace
kmoas AT
Web Site:

Emergency Deputy (04/11)
Master James of Middle Aston (James C. Wagner Jr)
106 Rex Place, Louisburg, NC 27549
Phone: (919) 496-7713
Email: dmoas-emergency AT

Southern Deputy (10/16)
Lady Asta Knarrabringr
Email: dmoas-south AT

Northern Deputy (06/13)
Lord Dughall Eoghann-Grannd (Douglas Grant)
Email: dmoas-north AT

Deputy for Performance Arts (08/15)
Lady Sophia the Orange (Lara Coutinho-Dean)
1315 Castalia Dr., Cary, NC 27513
Email: dmoas-performance AT

Deputy for Tempore Atlantia (06/14)
Lady Therasa du Domrémy (Terry Bjorklund)
8828 Maple Avenue, Bowie, MD 20726
Phone: (301) 262-5142 (9 PM)
Email: dmoas-tempore AT

Editor of the Oak (05/12)
Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli (Robert Capozello)
Phone: (703) 975-9146
Email: oak AT
Web Site:

Deputy for Historic Martial Arts (06/14)
Lord Wistric Oftun (Owen Townes)
106 Flint Ln, Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 260-4147 (10 PM)
Email: dmoas-hma AT

Web Deputy (09/12)
Mesterinde Karen Larsdatter
Email: dmoas-web AT

Tournaments Illuminated Liaison (05/09)
Lady Wulfwyn Ælfwines dohtor (Patricia Cheshire)
14521 Skipton Court, Centreville, VA 20121
Phone: (703) 830-7576
Email: dmoas-til AT

Deputy for Guilds (06/13)
Lady Ysabella Cacemoine
Email: dmoas-guilds AT

University Chancellor (11/16)
Lady Lisette la Roux (Jennifer Fischer-Darby)
8642 Bali Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043
Phone: (301) 775-1614
Email: university AT
Web Site:

University Registrar (11/16)
Mistress Genevieve d'Aquitaine (Jen Thies)
2113 Aventurine Way, Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone: (301) 879-6840
Email: registrar AT

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Kingdom Chirurgeon (02/17)
Baroness Elizabeth of Rosewood
chirurgeon AT
Web Site:

Emergency Deputy (01/17)
Lord Erich von Kleinfeld (Dexter Guptill)
Phone: (703) 999-4465
Email: 3FgBurner AT

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Kingdom Web Minister (05/15)
Hersir Talorgen nepos Wrguist (Randy Dees)
2704 Lowell Rd, Gastonia, NC 28054
Phone: (704) 266-0887
webminister AT
Web Site:

Web Emergency Deputy (09/12)
Lady Giovanna Rossellini da Firenze (Rachael Storey)
300 Yoakum Pkwy Apt 805, Alexandria, VA 22304
Email: depwebemergency AT

Web Policy and Compliance Deputy (09/11)
Señor Santiago Ruiz de Zaragoza (William Ortiz)
10962 Trotting Ridge Way, Columbia, MD 21044
Phone: (301) 356-5218
Email: depwebpolicy AT

Web Special Projects Deputy (10/12)
Baron Jonathas Reinisch (James Kriebel)
8635 Napping Place, Welcome, MD 20693
Phone: (240) 682-9803 (9pm)
Email: depwebprojects AT

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Kingdom Chatelain (04/16)
Duchess Kalisa Aleksandrovna (Jennifer Krochmal)
14625 Baltimore Ave, #432, Laurel, MD 20707
Phone: (301) 741-2600 (10 PM)
chatelain AT
Web Site:

Southern Regional and Emergency Deputy Chatelain
Herrin Emeludt Hansler (Emmie Smith)
Phone: (910) 322-2702

Northern Regional Deputy Chatelain
Duena Livia of Ravenswode (Sherri Fabic)
Phone: (301) 682-8868
Email: northernchatelain AT

Training and Education Deputy
Baroness Rhonwen verch Tuder (Shannon Bennett)
Phone: (540) 318-0846
Email: training AT

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