Sergeants and Scholars
April 28, 2012
Shire of Roxbury Mill

To whom did the noble warrior turn for their support? The sergeants. Who taught the arts and sciences to the noble warrior?  The scholar.  The tradition of the Sergeants and Scholars training nobles in the arts of strategy and science of defense is alive in Roxbury Mill.  We are hosting a day of hands on training for the noble populace of Atlantia with martial and collegial classes.  Our market fields at the abbey are adorned with list fields for warriors to make ready to answer our liege lord’s call to arms, or win the favor of your lady.  The forest edge is arranged with tented places in which to study the arts and sciences and prepare for the collegial competitions showcasing the knowledge and skills of our people.


Martial Activities: Armored and Rapier melee tactics, authorizations with a focus on spear and pole arm for the Pennsic war.  Heavy: The instruction for the armored combat side is provided by the Sergeants of St. Aiden led by Josecelin of Outreamer and guest Knights and Nobles.  The Armored melee training and practice will be from 10 to 12. The morning training will be fought with a minimum of breaks. Tactics and techniques will be discussed during our brief water breaks. After lunch and a longer rest break, from 1-3 there will be 3-man unit bear pit and from 3-4 singles and pick-ups.  Rapier: The rapier instruction is provided by the Atlantian Academy d’Espee coordinated by Sir Roland de Mounteney.   Archery: There will be beginners classes and target archery.

Arts and Sciences: There will be shade and tents setup on the edge of our market field to accommodate the advancement of learning.  The classes will be taught in 1-hour segments from 10am till 4pm with a break for lunch at 12:00.  The classes currently scheduled include:  Medieval lunches – Duchess Melisande.  Medieval cooking for beginners – Duchess Melisande.  Campfire safety – Fergus (from Highland Foorde).  Beginning chain mail – Fergus (from Highland Foorde).  How to choose a sheep fleece – Aelfwynn of Whitby.  Basic library research – Aelfwynn of Whitby.  Silk banners, history and painting (3hrs.) – Mistress Theodora.  Needlework – Mistress Genevieve.  Lampwork – Rachel.  Dutch Oven baking –  Neona of Kilbridewood.  Additional classes and details will be listed on the Shire Of Roxbury Mill web site. Collegiums Provost: Lady Aelfwynn of Whitby, aka Michelle McDaniels McDanielM[AT]


       Adult, Member:           $10.00 Day-Trip  $5.00 Feast   $0.00 Camping
       Adult, Non-Member:   $15.00 Day-Trip  $5.00 Feast  $0.00 Camping
       Youth (5-17):               $0.00 Day-Trip    $0.00 Feast   $0.00 Camping
       Child (0-4):                  $0.00 Day-Trip    $0.00 Feast   $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA-MD, Inc., Shire of Roxbury Mill

Cost Notes:  A country lunch will be provided for a modest fee of $5 for 40 gentles. Lunch is a cold country repast.  The fare is to be determined by our cooks and populace, it will be simple and hearty.  The menu will be posted to our Shire web site. 

Site: The event will be held on the front market fields at the Abbey of the Marians in Roxbury Mill, (Marian Assisted Living Center 19109 Georgia Ave, Brookville MD 20833).  The gate opens at 9:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm. 

Site Restrictions:  No alcohol is allowed on the site. Assist us to keep the kings forests pristine and bring no paper or plastic products please.

Autocrat's Information:  Laird Seanne Alansyn (Rick Allison) 6630 Sundown Rd, Laytnosville MD, 20882. Phone: (240) 463-3956.  E-Mail: threeallisons[AT]


From South and West: Take 95N or 66E to 495N Washington Beltway.  After crossing the Potomac River, take the split for 270N (left two lanes).  After split, get into the local lanes (right lane).  Take exit 6 MD-28E Montgomery Ave, turning right at the end of the exit ramp.  Turn left at FIRST Street which becomes Norbeck Road (shortly after crossing Rockville Pike Rt. 355) staying on Rt. 28.  After 4.miles, turn left onto MD-97N Georgia Ave.  After 4.5 miles, turn right at the entrance to the Marians Assisted Living Center just before the traffic light at Gold Mine Road.

From North West: Take 70E.  Take exit 68 onto MD-27S Ridge Road.  After 5.6 miles, in Damascus, turn left onto Main Street and continue onto Damascus Road. (Damascus Road is 108, but splits onto 650.  Take 650 to stay on Damascus Road.)  After 10 miles turn right onto MD-97S Georgia Ave.  After 3.5 miles, turn left at the entrance to the Marians Assisted Living Center located just past the light for Gold Mine Road.  (Alternatives: 1) take 270S to MD-28E and follow directions from West.  2) take 70E to Rt. 97 south after approximately 14 miles and making a right turn through Brookeville to stay on Rt. 97, turn left into the entrance of the Marians Assisted Living Center just after the light at Gold Mine Road.)

From East and North East: From North East take 95S to Rt 32W.  From East Take Rt 32W.  Take the exit for MD-108W Clarksville, (make a left at the top of the exit ramp and stay in the left lane to avoid being directed onto Ten Oaks Road).  After 9-10 miles, turn right onto MD-97N Georgia Ave.  After 4.5 miles, turn right at the entrance to the Marian Assisted Living Center just before the traffic light at Gold Mine Road.

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