Defending the Gate XII
March 30, 2013
Canton of Sudentorre

It is the spring of 1415.  England and France have been in almost constant war for the last 78 years.  The latest rounds of negotiations are under way but no one seems hopeful. Even the oldest among us cannot remember a time when the two great kingdoms were at peace.  With war on the horizon, your kingdom calls on you to prepare for battle once again.  Bring your weapons, your heraldry, and your friends to answer the call of your king. We invite you to come once again and be part of Defending the Gate!


Martial Activities:  Archers can look forward to a great shoot designed and executed by Lady Sanada Katsumi.  Rapier fighters will have the opportunity to participate in scenarios created by Maestro Dante di Pietro.  Heavy fighters will defend thegate in melee scenarios.

Arts & Sciences Activities:
 The Arts and Sciences Competition of Defending the Gate will be all things Heraldry! There will be many competitions for all to participate in. Merchants, show us your best signage using Heraldry.  Fighters, show off your colors and charges proudly. Artisans, craft your best arms or device, scroll, illumination or any documentable item with Heraldry displayed on it. Awards will also be presented for documentation including best short form (font must be 8 point or larger), most creative, best long form (but not necessarily the longest), and best overall documentation. Please contact Sara van Eerde for more information about these competitions at sarathenailbender [at]

        Adult, Member:          $10.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast     Camping
        Adult, Non-Member:  $15.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast     Camping
        Youth (6-17):              $6.00 Day-Trip   $10.00 Feast     Camping
        Child (0-5):                 $0.00 Day-Trip    $0.00   Feast    Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA, Inc., Canton of Sudentorre

Site:  Izaak Walton League, 12400 Herndon Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553.

Site Restrictions:  The site is dry. Pets are not permitted. Site opens at 10 am and closes 10 pm.

Feast Information:  An evening feast will be held but is limited to 60 seats. Please pre-register to ensure a seat will be available for you. Feast spots are charged at full price regardless of age. Feast will be prepared by the lovely and talented Lady Wynn ferch Rhodri. Contact Lady Wynn at jay_wynne[at] with any questions. Any gentles with specific dietary concerns or allergies should make sure to contact Lady Wynne by March 20th.

Merchanting Information:  Merchants are welcome! Contact the Autocrat.

Other Information:  Lunch is included in your site fee. We strongly encourage pre-registration to ensure lunch for everyone.  Lunch will be prepared by the gracious Lady Anastasiia of Sudentorre.  Contact Lady Anastasiia at  lynn.a.roth [at ] with any questions or concerns.  Servers from the Renaissance Club of Mary Washington University will be auctioned off in a traditional style. If no service is purchased for your table, service will be at your own risk. This is the main fundraiser for this student group.  A children’s tent will be open for children of all ages.  More details will be posted to the website as information becomes available.

Autocrat's Information:  Herrin Genefa Wolfelin (Mary C Oliver-Pruitt), 108 Cool Spring Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22405,  Phone: (540) 841-6606, E-mail:  moliver16 [at]

Reservations:  Lady Miriel de Nedham (Nichelle Harrison), 8416 Pine Tree Ln, King George, VA 22485, E-mail:  miriel.denedham [at]


From I-95 (North or South) take exit 130B West towards Culpeper, Route 3. Go 9.5 miles on Route 3. Turn left onto Route 621 (Orange Plank Road).   Go 0.2 miles then turn left onto Herndon Road. Go 0.9 miles to the site.

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