T'N'T 13 J
October 27, 2012
Barony of Bright Hills

Greetings good gentles, I beseech upon you to hear my tale and join me in arms for a great battle that is to come against unholy and undying forces!

In the fall of last October there was a drinking contest between some Lords of the Barony of Bright Hills and those of the Scottish courts.  During this contest a meal was served, one of the Scottish Lairds was served an uncooked turnip resembling a personal bit of his anatomy.  He was so angry that he had a curse set upon the lands of the Barony of Bright Hills that within one year an army of unholy and undying warriors shall attack these lands and destroy all within.  My Astrologer, Dr. Dee has studied the stars and maps and has determined that the invasion shall occur on the 27th day of October, a day they feast and celebrate the harvest. We have been pre-warned for the battle and may rally troops to aid those warriors.  I have spoken with my advisors and Lord Melchett has determined that Lord Edmund Blackadder be the perfect man to investigate.  Dr. Dee is hard at work creating and elixir that we hope will aid us in our battles. So now I ask you good gentles to join us on this feasting day to enjoy lively friendship, great food from the cooks there and to send these terrors back from whence they came!


Join the Barony of Bright Hills on October 27th, for TnT13J Turnips and Thingies! In addition to the fun and merriment Martial and A&S activities will be held to choose our Baronial Champions. For the children, we will have activities and a separate feast with trick-or-treating in the hall. (Please consider bringing a bag of treats for the little ghosts and goblins.)

Website:  http://www.brighthills.net/events/tnt2012.html

Martial Activities:  Heavy, melees and "Zombie Hunt." Rapier, Archery, M.I.C. Baron Heinrich Kriner

Arts & Sciences Activities:  Light up the night - In the tradition of carving turnips to ward off evil spirits on all Hallows Eve, Lady Daniela Schwartzhaupt is sponsoring a lantern carving contest.  Entrants are encouraged to bring in a carved lantern made from period root vegetables such as parsnips, turnips and rutabagas.  At least one element that lights up and the decoration may not be wider than 12” in diameter. Please remember that the decoration must be able to be viewed by children if it is deemed inappropriate it will be given to the cooks to do with as they please. This will be judged by populace vote.

The Poeta Atlantiae is sponsoring a fun competition at TNT 13 J.  Since the theme is "Turnips n Thingies," entrants should write a tribute poem to Turnips in your best medieval style.  While documentation is not required to enter, it will earn extra points.  Your tribute can be serious or funny; use your creativity!  Also be creative in the display of your poem; this will also earn extra points.  Half of your score will be a "Populace Popularity" vote.

Strange Brew – Odd ingredients? Weird recipe? Dark and delightful brews of all kinds, in a medieval style welcome. Minimal documentation required (ingredients, recipe, process) awards for oddest ingredients and darkest most deadly presentation.

Creative Baronial Backlog or Kingdom Backlog Scroll Competition – Creative scrolls done in the style of the Elizabethan era. This competition is to have fun with creating scrolls in this era, as elaborate as you wish to make them. To enter the competition contact Baronial Clerk Signet Lady Aemlia Rose at amynardone13[AT]comcast.net for a scroll on the baronial backlog or go to http://scribe.atlantia.sca.org/backlog/ and pick out a backlogged scroll and be certain to contact the Clerk Signet to make certain no one else is doing the same scroll.

        Adult, Member:           $12.00 Day-Trip     $8.00 Feast      $0.00 Camping
        Adult, Non-Member:   $17.00 Day-Trip     $8.00 Feast      $0.00 Camping
        Youth (6-17):               $6.00 Day-Trip       $4.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Child (0-5):                  $0.00 Day-Trip       $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA-MD, Inc., Barony of Bright Hills

Cost Notes:  The childrens feast fee is for a childrens feast.  If you wish for your child to attend the adult feast then please adjust your payment method to reflect the adult feast.

Site:  Carroll County Agriculture Center 706 Agriculture Center, Westminster, MD 21157.  Site opens 10am, closes 9pm.

Site Restrictions:  Nothing attached to walls. Memorial garden will be closed.

Feast Information:   We will have a harvest celebration feast prepared by Lady Kaitlyn McRae. The feast is limited to 80 adults on-board. For all dietary concerns or special needs please contact Lady Kaitlyn at waysofolde[at]yahoo.com.

The children will have a separate Halloween Party feast from the adults. During this time they are encouraged to wear their spooky costumes for they will get to trick-or-treat the adults feast

Merchanting Information:  Merchants are asked to register early.Spaces are 10 X 10, tables are $5 each or bring your own. Please notify the Autocrats if you wish to merchant.

Other Information:  The Bright Hills Navy, “protectors of Atlantia’s northern waters” will be providing lunch as a fundraiser.

Autocrat's Information:  Maestra Barbara Giomaria di Roberto (Barbara Kriner), 3114 Littlestown Pike, Westminster, MD 21158,  Phone: (410) 751-5345, E-mail:  bjokriner[AT]yahoo.com

Reservations:  Co-Autocrat: Lady Daniela Schwartzhaupt (Danielle Scott), 135 Riverthorn Rd, Middle River, MD 21220,  Phone: (443) 762-0409, E-mail:  feymaker[AT]gmail.com


Take your best route to MD #140.

From the East, turn Left on Center Street, turn RIGHT on Gist Road, turn RIGHT into Agriculture Center Drive.

From the West, turn RIGHT onto Center Street, turn RIGHT on Gist Road, turn Right on Agriculture Center Drive.

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