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Welcome to the home page for The Acorn, the official newsletter of the Kingdom of Atlantia. Atlantia is the eighth Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. based in Milpitas, CA. Atlantia's borders include Washington, D.C., Augusta, Georgia, most of Virginia, and the entire states of Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina.


The Acorn is published monthly as a function of
the SCA's mailing list. Membership is $45
per year and is available from:

The Office of the Registry
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
PO Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789

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The Acorn Online

Read the Acorn online!
Read the Acorn online at (SCA, Inc. Login required)

The Kingdom Calendar
The Kingdom of Atlantia's official upcoming events calendar, including information and directions for each event.

Letter Archives
Archived letters from Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses and The Great Officers of State dating from October 1996 to present day.

Official Forms
The SCA Membership Application form and the Adult and Children's Waiver forms in portable document format.

Atlantia's electronic event submission tool

The Kingdom Regnum

Royalty and Officers
Contact information for Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses and the Great Officers of State and their deputies.

The Baronage
Contact information for all Atlantian landed baronage. The Barons and/or Baronesses are the Crown's representative in each barony.

The Seneschallate
Contact information for all Atlantian branch seneschals, the president of each SCA chapter within the kingdom.

The Order Principals
Contact information for the principals of each Order of Peerage and High Merit within the kingdom.

The Kingdom Notables
Contact information for the Atlantian Kingdom Notables. The Atlantian Kingdom Notables are positions held in service to the Crown of Atlantia.

The Kingdom Guilds
Contact information for the Atlantian Guilds.

The Atlantian Laws and Policies
The Atlantian Laws and Policies include The Great Book of Law, Royal charters, treaties and a historical listing of the Royalty of Atlantia.

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